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April brings a wealth of knowledge and deep empathy to her practice. In sessions with her, I feel safe and nurtured, and I leave feeling refreshed and balanced. Working with her brings me a better sense of body awareness and compassion for myself. Her treatments provided necessary support after a difficult illness and were a crucial part of my recovery process.
- Gillian Hull, Yoga Teacher Training Manager 

When I heard about Craniosacral Therapy I really had no idea what it was. However, I respected the person making the suggestion, so I thought I would give it a try. I had been experiencing a myriad of chronic back and neck issues and I was hoping for some relief. April was the most gentle and skilled therapist I have ever experienced. Her assessment of my mind/body issues was spot on. Her intuition of what was happening in my life and the impact it was having on my body was uncanny. She immediately knew that I was using a C-PAP (continuous positive airflow) headgear and guided my body to relieve the pressure. April, is clearly gifted. I would recommend anyone to see her.
- Jared I. Fine, DDS, MPH

I came to April for Craniosacral therapy because, while I have a meditation practice and a yoga practice, I noticed I still had a hard time staying grounded in my body. I needed a gentle approach to feeling centered and grounded and Craniosacral therapy felt right. At the beginning, I was very anxious, but speaking with April was reassuring and by the end of the first session I felt relaxed and calm. During the second session, April discovered a very intense spot on my back. She asked me a few questions, but what I remember most was her simply holding the space for me to experience what this “knot” of energy was about. I so appreciated this. More than I can express. Her presence is curious and gentle and never intrusive. I felt well taken care of and listened to. She was both warm and professional, which I really appreciated. 

I was also doing talk therapy at the time I received Craniosacral therapy from April. I have found both therapies profoundly healing. While talk therapy has helped me to understand the psychological patterns and strategies I developed to deal with trauma, Craniosacral therapy helped me to begin to attend to those areas of my body still gripped with psychological pain. My talk therapist was impressed with the Craniosacral work I did with April and now, while my talk therapy is still analytical, there is an appreciation and attention given to how I feel in my body, not just in my head.  
- Robin Anderson

April's Craniosacral Work is gentle, intuitive, and perceptive. She allows for a deep unwinding and for the client's whole being to be "heard." I felt that the deepest layers of my being, my spirit or soul, was allowed to express itself, and there were many healing benefits. I highly recommend April's Craniosacral Work!
- Catherine Rashmi Karnitis

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